Frequently asked questions

Do I Have Ownership In The Property?

Yes. Owning a Casa property is real ownership. You invest and own shares in the company that owns the property.

Is Casa a Timeshare or Fractional Company?

Casa helps a small group of people buy and own individual luxury properties, mainly villas in stunning destinations. Timeshares are very different. Traditionally, timeshares give you a short number of days stay per year based on a fixed number of years. Casa invests along side each group of co-owners who own the property outright. We handle all management and operations, maintenance, marketing and guest experiences with full transparency on financial statements.

How Do I Book My Stays?

You can book your stay directly with our reservations concierge team. Total number of days per year is determined by the number of shares you have within each property.

Can I Sell My Shares Later?

Absolutely yes. You can put your shares up for offer at a later date. Right of first refusal goes to other existing co-owners based on the market rate. You can also find your own buyer. If we decide they are a good fit, You can keep 70% of the appreciated value of your share.

Can I Transfer My Shares to Another Property?

Casa owners receive a one-time opportunity to transfer ownership to another available Casa property with just a nominal legal transaction fee. Casa owners also get preferential options to purchase shares from other co-owners prior to listings for the public offering.

Do You Offer Financing?

Currently Casa does not offer direct financing. However, we are more than happy to advise and consult to point you in the right direction.

What If I Don't Use My Allocated Stay?

In the event you do not use your annual allocation, you are free to give to family, friends or sell to others as you wish. There is however a nominal service fee for housekeeping as with any stay.

What About the Cost of Renovations and Repairs If Needed?

All co-owners pay an annual fee towards the sinking fund which goes towards management fees as well as expected maintenance and repairs over time. This ensures all co-owners are covered. If major wear and tear / repairs exceed the sinking funds, all co-owners will share the cost of essential repairs and upkeep. In some cases, this may also be able to be deducted from rental profits.

Can I Purchase More Than 1 Share?

Yes you can invest and purchase additional shares of any property.