Our Story

Casa specializes in co-ownership real estate in the Asia Pacific Region. Focused on semi luxury, affordable real estate in prime locations and markets where investors can co-own and invest in residential, vacation and commercial real estate. Generate rental returns and through the appreciation of property value growth.

As an enrepreneur, our founder has always had the vision of opportunities and value first. As an expatriate, it’s virtually impossible to invest in real estate back home or secure home loans in foreign countries. The rising value of real estate continues, and so does the opportunitiy for apprecition of luxury villas and properties.

Casa, gives the opportunity to make real estate investment possible, through the co-ownership model. Casa represents lifestyle wealth for normal people. Casa focuses on cost effective luxury villas in high growth and high return destinations.

Luxury Pool Villa vacation returns exceed residential, and therefore becomes an solid and attractive class asset investment and an intelligent way to diversify your wealth strategy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create opportunities to invest in real estate without debt, without lower entry point investments for those who may not have or wish to invest in the full cost of entire property ownership.

To generate returns on investment though luxury commercial real estate and establish wealth creation for the long term at a fraction of the cost.

It’s tough to get a foot in the door of real estate anywhere. Casa gives the power and opportunity for the people. A chance to enter and leverage real estate investment opportunities that we otherwise, would never have.

Our Goal

To give hundreds of people the opportunity to invest in luxury real estate.

Our Solution to Achieve Wealth

Casa co-ownership is the key to opportunity.

Our Difference

The unique benefits of Casa is a balance between ownership, vacation living and financial returns. 30% of the year is allocated to ownership living. 70% during peak times is allocated for rentals and returns. To ensure highest returns, super peak times are reserved to achieve maximal returns for co-owners. The management reserves the right to adjust as per market demands, and if there is significant opportunity for rental returns, this period may be adjusted based on each market, co-owners and opportunities present.

Some opportunities are leasehold, 30-90 years which for our lifetime gives opportunities for returns on commercial properties at much greater value points.